Our history

We are a jewellery manufacturer and have been in gold and diamond jewellery manufacturing for 3 generations. Recent owner Sujit Kumar Das is now operating the family-owned business that earned a reputation for it’s quality, genuineness, and trustworthiness.

There are two kinds of business people in this world. One, who starts a particular business only when it’s in demand. They think only for themselves. If the industry struggles for some reason, they leave and do something else that’s in demand. Meaning, they do not care about customers. They only care about themselves.

The other, starts a business because they have some passion associated with the work they do. They can sacrifice the self-interests for the sake of something greater and meaningful.

We do it because we love it. Our 3 generations are enough to prove out passion is tested with time. No matter how tough the time, we lived up to our promises and served our customers.

Our vision

We do serve everyone, but we focus on the local people—from ordinary to affluent. Since we belong to this place, we understand them better. Clear communication is a key factor in any production environment. We live with them, so we have no confusion about their true requirements.

Most customers are not knowledgeable about precious metals and gemstones. So beside delivering quality products, we also have a responsibility to protect people from fraudulent activities and save the industry in general from falling. Because we would love to do what we have been doing for so long, and see people getting what they deserve.

Our mission

Making precious things accessible to a wide range of people and protecting them from fraudulent jewellery businesses is not an easy task. It requires craftsmanship with high-efficiency, consistency, awareness, and education.

Moreover, trust is not something that you earn overnight. You have to prove it in your actions.

With so many years of expertise, and people’s faith in us, we believe we can fulfill everyone’s dream and continue to protect them from bad actors with authenticity, care, and consistency.

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Professional goldsmiths

Our professionalism comes from experts who have been in this industry for years and know the secrets of great gold and diamond jewellery design.
Work Experience


Here are our founders who brought the company into existence, maintained its quality, and protected its reputation.

Sima Das

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Happy Customers
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Returing Customers


Here are the things we take some pride in and we want to assure you that you’re in a good hand.