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Precious collection

If you are planning to extend your gold and diamond jewellery collection then take a look at our diverse jewellery colection.
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We have honed our skills over the years—gained a deep understanding of the jewellery industry for better assessment of authenticity and value—served thousands of customers, and responded to their desires. You are at a good hand. Visit our store today and give it a try.


Precious metals and stones need experts to determine its real value. When you are unable to determine the value of your gold, platinum, silver jewelleries or jems stones, then we can help you with that.

Stone Settings

Diamond and Gemstones add a special interest, for its decorative nature. The number 1 reason it falls apart from jewellery is lack of skills and care. We take that seriously and it's responsibility.


Lack of maintenance or age often takes away the charm that comes from shiny polished metals. However, that shouldn't make you worried. We have a solution for you to get you back the charm that you have lost.

Custom Design

If one-of-a-kind hand-crafted gold jewellery is what you are looking for you are at the right place. Our experienced goldsmiths can get you the designs you have or conceptualized.


Engraving associates a special meaning with your jewellery. It speaks for you and displays your taste. Add a mark, design, or pattern that makes the jewellery completely yours.


Accidents happen and no one can guarantee sturdiness for a delicate product. Any jewellery item can break or its delicate decorations may dislodge due to mishandling or accidents. It must not break your heart. We can fix that for you.

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Do you want to have some ideas about our collection and custom jewellery design? Browsing through our gallery will help you with that. Nevertheless, we recommend visiting our jewellery store to see our latest collection that you will not find anywhere else.
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We are 3rd generation in the gold and diamond jewellery manufacturing business. We couldn’t thrive without some core values that guide our decisions. Here are those values that we believe helped us earn the reputation of being genuine and unique.
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